That depends. The grant is available to all persons who have never purchased real estate in their name (or if a couple, in either of their names) in Australia. For full terms and conditions go to http://www.osr.nsw.gov.au/benefits/first_home/

That depends. The current offer from the Australian Federal Government is detailed in their website, see http://www.apps05.osr.nsw.gov.au/erevenue/calculators/landsalesimple.php#anc_calc
Most properties that are priced according to market conditions sell in 1 to 4 weeks. There is usually a higher demand than supply in the area so with our expert advice, marketing and negotiation a firm sale at a great price is virtually assured.
Please contact us, either on the phone or email, for a breakdown of fees and costs. Agents can charge anywhere from 0% to 2.5%, suffice to say with the super competitive nature of Eastern suburbs real estate you need provide attractive fees and great service and results so we’re confident you too will be happy with the benefits of using us as your agent.
We would be happy to provide a complimentary market opinion at a time that suits you, please request an appraisal here
Firstly, get your finance approved. This involves getting a ‘pre approval’ from your lender and ensures that when you find a place you like, you can assertively move forward and try to buy it. As it is your first home don’t expect perfection, buy wisely but keep in mind you are unlikely to live in the home for years and years, in many cases it should be viewed as a stepping stone.
Yes we do! Buying property is a big decision but sadly many people do more research on buying a flat screen TV than when buying a property. There are things to look out for and some of the best suggestions can be found here.
Yes we do! Selling what is probably your largest asset should be approached with due caution and thorough investigation. Do not accept unsubstantiated statements from real estate agents, insist on proof when discussing critical areas of their service including price quote and past successes. There are in fact 18 common mistakes that can be avoided if you know about them, see here for a comprehensive guide that will insure YOU are not one of the thousands of home sellers each year who fall victim to slick lies and inflated promises
In most cases they can be broken down into purchase costs or ongoing costs. Purchase costs can include stamp duty
The best time is when you have absolutely decided to sell. Of course some homes are better suited to certain times of year (for example a great Spring garden or a Northerly aspect in Winter) but most homes are successfully marketable throughout the year. Deciding you definately want to sell is the most important step, we can work through all the finer points from there.
Because it has lost its effectiveness and is extremely expensive. Research overwhelmingly shows that the internet generates the vast majority of buyer inquiry these days and it allows alot more information to be shown, 24/7.


This is a case by case basis, depending on what your pet is and where you wish to live. In all cases it is best to openly discuss this with us beforehand.
Yes you can. The lease stays in effect regardless of who owns the property so it is simply a matter of us negotiating access and correct presentation with the tenant which we are thoroughly experienced in.
To apply for a property please go to this link: https://t-app.com.au/dixon Please follow the prompts.
By completing a repair request form here , all requests must be made in writing.
By direct debit. This will be set up at the time you sign the lease so ensure you have a valid bank account in place.
We will pay the rent into your nominated bank account either monthly or fortnightly.
With over 1,400 properties under management we are constantly assessing and re assessing the state of the rental market then conducting regular rent reviews on your behalf. This is to ensure you are receiving the right rent for the climate at the time.
Very carefully. Correct tenant selection is critical for our long term success as a sought after agency of choice and we take the matter very seriously. We insist on references and to have met the applicant face to face, we then follow up and check those references and do everything possible to verify their credentials. We also cross check the bad tenancy register to be sure they are not on it.
We conduct periodic site inspections of properties under management and every property is different. Some are inspected every 6 months whilst others it may be every year or 2. It all comes down to the length of time the tenant has been there and the history of the letting.
Rents are reviewed every 6 months with adjustments made where necessary.
Yes. For a small annual fee (which is of course 100% tax deductable you get a range of important protections, we recommend EBM Landlords Insurance .
Please contact us, either on the phone or email, for a breakdown of fees and costs. Suffice to say with 1,400+ properties under managment we must be doing things pretty right, and at a price that is acceptable to many landlords so we’re confident you too will be happy with the benefits of using us as your agent.
Every adult who will be on the lease will need to bring 100 points of ID (including either a passport or drivers licence), references and your previous or current rental ledger (available from your current leasing agent).
We work for you and can only provide expert, independent advice on market rents. If you wish to aim higher we will.
It is a form completed seperately by us and you before you move into the property. It details the condition of the property and notes any current wear and tear or issues that exist before you move in.
We provide service and advice on all facets of owning and managing investment real estate. These services include
We offer everything a landlord could want; starting with pre managing advice on your property and a review of any current tenancies and the property itself. Once we are engaged as your manager we;
Yes we will. We have a team of qualified and reliable tradesmen or you can nominate your own.
Yes we will. We have a team of qualified and reliable tradesmen or you can nominate your own.
Yes we will. We will prepare your case and fight hard to achieve the best outcome for you.

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